Our Services:

  • Preparation for Vacation Rental

  • Providing all furnishing for the property

  • Marketing on 250+ vacation rental platforms

  • Price analyzation

  • Guest communications

  • Onsite guest relations

  • Cleaning indoors/outdoors

  • Pool cleaning

  • Property maintenance

  • Quality control

  • Security/noise monitoring

  • Event marketing

  • Event Management

  • Offsite laundry

  • Damage monitoring and collections

  • Reviews and post stay relations

  • Local/return marketing

  • much more


Our commission structure offers you multiple options.  

Option 1. Fixed monthly rental income.

We do everything listed above including furnish the property. Cali VRBO LLC then pays all expenses associated with the house including electricity, gas, water, trash, yard, pool, as well as pays for all maintenance such as appliances repairs, plumbing issues and so on. Cali VRBO LLC will also carry professional liability insurance and short term rental insurance to protect you and your property. You, the home owner, will simply receive a fixed monthly rental income that is 20% above the local market rate. 


Option 2. Monthly revenue less our commision

We do everything listed above except furnishing the home. Cali VRBO LLC then collects all rental income and deducts 20% commision and cleaning fees and passes the balance of the income on to you including any occupancy taxes collected. You the home owner then pays all of the expenses including electricity, gas, water, trash as well as pays for all maintenance such as appliances repairs, plumbing issues and so on. We are simply a property management team that get a 20% = for ALL of our management services listed above. 


Option 3. Cherry pick the services you need

You may want to cherry pick the services, for example you just want the cleanings or just want the guest communications or security or maintenance. We will negotiate a price based of which services we provide. We can also offer a hassle free flat rental price to you and we take all the risk.


Bottom line ...Let's meet and discuss your options.