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Cali VRBO COVID-19 Statement


The COVID-19 Safety Standards reflect the latest health and safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), outdoor hospitality industry leaders, and our partners Airbnb, Homeaway and Hip Camper.

Please note that we will be asking all our guests to follow a similarly CDC informed set of safety guidelines when they visit

1. Comply with all state and local laws that may apply to you, including health, safety, and travel restrictions. 

2. We 100 % clean and disinfect any structures and shared amenities before and after all bookings. We initially clean with soap and water, then use an EPA-registered disinfectant

to help reduce risk. When using an EPA-registered disinfectant, we follow the label directions for safe, effective use. We ensure all shared amenities are thoroughly cleaned between uses by different groups.According to the CDC, outdoor areas generally require normal routine cleaning and do not require disinfection, however we do go the extra mile and clean highly used surfaces such as BBQ Lid handles and so on.


3. The distance between our properties and or sites is more than 10ft / 3m and we have also reduced the max occupancy to help to ensure proper social distancing. We also practice physical distancing by keeping at least six feet away from our guests when greeting them and checking them in.  

4. Our staff practice good hygiene  by frequently washing or sanitizing their hands; avoiding touching thier eyes, nose, and mouth; and covering their mouth and nose with a cloth face mask when in enclosed spaces and/or with guests. 


5. We don't have any "Shared" amenities. When you book a property it is all yours and you choose who to bring and what risk they pose to you.


6. We ensure our property has plenty of soap or hand sanitizer for all guests. Our Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is at least 60% alcohol. Please be respectful and do not steal it. 

7. We do provide a contactless check-in and do keep physical distant while doing the walk through with the guest during check-in process. 

8. We do allow guests to reschedule upcoming bookings if the guests are suddenly experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have reason to believe you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

We remain committed as ever to hosting you and we’re here to help you feel confident and prepared for your vacation. Safe travels.


Cali VRBO Team

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